One Leading Vendor

for Cloud Computing Technology & Service

INTPLE is a global leading vendor for cloud computing technology and service. With many key invention patents and software copyrights, Intple owns four platform products including Big Data Platform (EngineOne®), Virtualization Platform (ScaleOne®), Cloud Application Platform (AppOne®) and Cloud Management Platform (MasterOne®), based on which Intple provides cloud solutions for various industries together with top industry partners.

EngineOne is a one-stop big data platform including Cloud Database, Cloud Storage, Cloud Content Management, Cloud Search Engine and Cloud Analysis, which helps our customers to build cloud applications quickly. ScaleOne is a platform to achieve hardware virtualization to realize unified management of various hardware resources like server, network, and storage. AppOne is a modularized, pluggable, and open platform used to develop new applications or integrate third party applications to build application store or different enterprise application suite. MasterOne includes Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS). BSS is a one-stop billing as a service (BaaS) platform supporting massive billing data and flexible billing mode while OSS is an efficient monitoring platform.

For large enterprises, Intple mainly provides one-stop cloud computing platform products and solutions in private cloud mode. For small & medium enterprises and individual users, Intple mainly provides flexible customized IT services in public cloud mode. Intple’s cloud computing platform and solutions have already been largely used in different industries, enterprises, and government. Intple has become a top choice of cloud technology vendor for many global famous companies in the world.

Intple has achieved many supreme honors as “National Distinguished Experts”, “China Thousand Talents Plan”, “Member of the Cloud Computing Experts Association”, “Board member of China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance”,and Founding Member of “Jiangsu Cloud Computing Alliance”. In addition, Intple was also honored to attend the Shanghai Expo 2010. With the mission of “Lead Intelligent IT Innovation”, Intple adheres to the core principles as customer-oriented, technology-oriented, and innovation-oriented to provide best cloud computing technology and service to customers around the world.