Charles Yang appointed as the entrepreneurship mentor of Thousland

Charles Yang, Founder & CEO of INTPLE, , attended the Establishment Ceremony of the Industry Alliance of mobile Internet, animation game, and new media that held in the KIC Conference of Yangpu Dist, and was distinguished as the entrepreneurship mentor. Chairman of the Thousland, and general manager of the Fudanfulian Software Park, Ms. Yang Qiuping, issued a letter of appointment of the entrepreneurship mentor of Thousland to Charles Yang.

    As one of the global leading cloud computing experts, Charles Yang has over 10 year’s high-tech experience in China and US, especially in large-scale software engineering of Internet of Things and cloud computing. Charles Yang won many great honors like Expert of National 1000 Plan, National Distinguished Expert, and National Cloud Expert. Charles Yang also led INTPLE to exhibit in 2010 Shanghai EXPO, become Key Member of National Cloud Alliance, and win Y2010 Excellent Cloud Product. Being an entrepreneur mentor, relying on his keen eyesight and strong decision-making abilities, Charles Yang will help solve doubts and share entrepreneurial experiences and resources, to serve as a bridge for those start-up entrepreneurs, witness their entrepreneurial journey as well as share their success happiness. Adhering to the social welfare responsibility and dedication, Charles Yang will harvest his own values through his assistance to the process of youth’s entrepreneurial success.