Cloud Application Platform AppOne®


Practical Cross-Industry Intelligent Application Suite Modularized, Pluggable, Open Application Development Platform



Cloud Application Platform-AppOne is built on top of Intple Big Data Platform EngineOne. It applies Web2.0 technology, offers a modularized, pluggable, and open application development platform. Developers can easily build their own application stores, develop enterprise or industrial solutions without concerning big data process, full-text search, intelligent analysis and challenges EngineOne work with.

AppOne provides mature, practical, industry independent, intelligent enterprise solutions such as SME Cloud (BizLite), Knowledge Management Cloud (Pomelo), Content Management Cloud (FireBox), Public Opinion Cloud (InforOne), Log Analysis Cloud (LogOne), Smart Traffic Cloud (SecCloud), Face Identify Cloud (FaceOne) etc. AppOne provides both private cloud deployment model and public SaaS deployment model, and supports accesses of all major browsers, mobile devices and clients. AppOne has been commercially deployed for customs like government, industrial parks, and enterprises.




  • One-Stop, Mature, and Practical Enterprise Suite

AppOne Enterprise Application Suite covers almost all business operations of an enterprise, from the traditional operations management like office automation to high-end enterprise applications such as content management, knowledge management, and intelligent analysis.

AppOne can effectively manage the core assets of an enterprise such as people, process, and digital asset and maximize their efficiency.

For Small & Medium Enterprises, Intple provides one-stop SME Application Suite in public cloud SaaS mode; for large enterprises, Intple mainly provides Knowledge Management Cloud in private cloud mode; Intple also offers all enterprises with Public Opinion Cloud, Content Management Cloud (business network disk); for government, Intple provides Public Opinion Cloud, and E-government Network Drive.

  • Quick Custom Development, Integration of Industrial Cloud Solutions

AppOne can free customers from complex technical problems; helping customers quickly customize or integrate cloud solutions of different industries such as government, telecommunications, finance, transportation, security, healthcare, logistics, e-business, education etc., so as to help the customer focus in the improvement of their core business systems and commercial operations.

  • Advanced Cloud Computing Platform Technology

Distributed, open application development platform architecture

Elastic, application suite

Multi-tenant management

Multi-dimensional measurable services

On demand service and billing