Big Data Platform EngineOne®



Intple's Big Data Platform EngineOne perfectly combines big data technology processing with data management. This Big Data Platform includes cloud database, cloud storage, cloud content management, cloud search engine and cloud analysis. EngineOne offers from access, content management, intelligent search to advanced analysis for structured/semi-structured as well as unstructured data storage. EngineOne offers standard interfaces such as REST API, JAVA API, Query Server etc. It also supports protocols including WebDAV, FTP and CIFS. Data management is a one-stop tool for automatic data deployment, migration, backup, recovery, and other disaster tolerance functionalities.

The EngineOne Development Standard allows developers to easily build new business applications in order to leverage EngineOne’s big data processing and management capability. The development Standard also supports application migration.As a leading Big Data Platform, EngineOne changes massive data to valuable and manageable resource.EngineOne has been widely used in Telecom, Energy, Finance, Electricity, Healthcare, Education, Governments and many other industries.


  • Distributed computing infrastructure, intelligent horizontal scalability, high performance
  • High availability (multiple copies of sharding data)
  • Support multi-application and multi-tenants
  • Support transaction and standard SQL
  • Support hot backup, hot restore and live migration, so as to guarantee data consistency
  • Distributed storage and intelligent query of massive index data
  • Distributed data mining architecture and algorithm implementation
  • Multiple data sources format distributed and real-time collecting
  • Unified management of heterogeneous storage devices



  • One-stop enterprise big data platform
  • High-scalability, on-demand services
  • High-performance, high-availability
  • Low hardware requirement, cost effectiveness
  • One-stop data management platform, easy operation
  • Standard interface, high compatibility