Virtualization Platform ScaleOne®


Server Virtualizations and Desktop Virtualization with High Stability, High Scalability and Easy Operation



ScaleOne is a type of virtualization platform deployed on hardware to provide virtualized resources as physicals. Application can be given the required CPU, Memory, and Disk which are allocated from the physical machines but used exclusively. ScaleOne provides an aggregation of centralized management and separated services. The sub-module of ScaleOne including ServerOne(Server Virtualization) and DeskOne(Desktop Virtualization).



Server Virtualization/ServerOne

  • Virtualization Function

Support virtualization for 32-bit, 64-bit CPU and all major servers

  • Physical Resource Management

Support management for physical host, physical storage and network resources (IP address, VLAN etc.)

  • Virtualization Resource Management

Provide management and operations for virtual resource group, virtual machine, virtual machine templates and etc, meanwhile support functions like lifecycle, scheduling and other functions for virtual resources

  • Monitoring and Alerting

Performance Monitoring: Provide real-time display of performance data and historical performance queries, and can provide performance statistical calculation according to historical performance data

Alert Management: Provide CPU, memory, disk and other performance monitoring data filtering, which generate warning information for the user to query while certain data reaches a preset threshold


Desktop Virtualization/DeskOne

  • Desktop Virtualization Management

Support different displays of desktop, including 1024 * 768,1366 * 768, 1280 * 768 and so on, and also support different operating systems which  delivering over spice from remote physical host, including windows XP, windows 7, Windows2003,Ubuntu and other operating systems

  • Desktop Pool Management

Desktop Pool can be set to be shared Pool or Private Pool. Desktops in shared Pool can be assigned to the users when they apply, but will be taken back after they leave; Private Pool assigns user his unique desktop, resource will not be recycled even the user exits

  • Desktop Virtualization User Management

Desktop virtualization user management including user lifecycle management, user-assigned desktop and virtual desktop user login function



  • Compact structure, high transmission efficiency, strong fault-tolerant
  • Functional maturation, can meet different needs of enterprise virtualization
  • One-click deployment, easy and rapid implementation
  • Unified resource management, secure and efficient
  • Support live migration, scalable
  • Interactive, easy operation
  • Cost-effective