Cloud Security Platform SecurityOne


Visualized, Manageable, Auditable Cloud Security Platform



SecurityOne provides professional information security products and service for cloud data centers. It manages and mitigates cloud computing risks for continuity of safety operation and regulatory compliance.



SecurityOne offers Cloud Security Services including Multi-factor Identity Authentication, Record Management, User Management, Web Access Management and System Configuration. It gives administrators wider perspective of Cloud System. SecurityOne ensures continuity of cloud operation with reliable and safe cloud environment.



  • Infrastructure Security

Provides network, host, terminal, and virtualization security:

network security control includes network access control (Fre wall), data transmission encryption (SSL, IPSec), event log, intrusion detection system and protection detection system (IDS/IPS).

Host Security Control Includes Host Fire Wall, Access Control, patch installation, strong authentication, event log, intrusion detection system and protection detection system (IDS/IPS).

Terminal Security Control Includes BYOD device classification, data security leveling, access strategy, device strategy, and protection for access at anytime from anywhere.

Virtualization security control includes virtual machine security isolation, virtual machine mirror security management,communication security on virtualized environment, consolidated virtual and physical resource management and visualization.

  • Application Security

Application security control includes development security procedure in software lifecycle,  “Least Privilege” configuration, application patch installation, user authentication, access control, account management.

WEB Security Control includes WEB intrusion inspection engine to analyze and identify known attacks and variants. It’s powerful protection, usability increases security efficiency and accuracy. It also has real-time security status report, auditable log, deployment kit, virtualized patches, and virtual host functionality.

Data Security

Data security technology includes system scan and system audit. Build secure database base on estimation of system scan to ensure information usability, confidentiality and integrity. As effective evidence of tracking, audit is not only regulatory required, but also required by internal secure operation to improve security strategy.

Identity/Access Security

Identification and access management includes identity supplying, dismissal, authentication, and user configuration management. Supports a powerful directory and identity administrative system for system, user, and access life cycle management procedure, audit and regulatory compliance.


  • One-stop cloud security solutions
  • Standardized log system for Network Device, Secure Host and application
  • International Standardized Association Analysis Engine, providing multi-dimension, cross platform association analysis.
  • Provides centralized administration platform for consolidated information management.
  • Centralized audit system
  • Security Log Lifecycle Management
  • Smart Log Collection
  • Innovative Log Analysis
  • Leading Association Analysis
  • Easy Maintenance and Scalability