Education Cloud


Education Cloud



  • Without overall planning, which technology architecture is suitable for new information construction?
  • How to break through information silos, interconnect systems and share information resources?
  • Without unified standard and operation mechanism, how to ensure information system working with high efficiency?
  • How to reduce cost and provide sustainable developments?



With Intple Education Cloud Solution, all shareholders of education systems can take advantage of Paas and SaaS to solve education information issues, integrate information resources, unite platforms and improve management quality, let cloud computing make education as a service.



  • Education collaboration system covering all education institutions, schools and communities
  • Department collaboration system covering all departments, staff rooms, logistics, etc.
  • Achieve teaching affairs collaboration for education institution
  • Map out E-learning standard, solve issues of multi-media data presentation and sharing
  • Perfect research for teaching ideas and methodologies under cloud environment



  • AppOne serves as an all-around education service cloud platform, providing a variety of services to help schools and educational institutions to establish teaching service platform and teaching resource management platform; with sharing teaching resources, teaching materials, exercises and management information, to achieve teachers, parents, students and schools collaboration and unified communication; to explore new education modes.
  • MasterOne provides a set of secure, reliable and high-flexible cloud management platform for education applications, realizing unified management and billing as a service.
  • EngineOne is a one-stop cloud application development and hosting platform, provides elastic deployment environment for SaaS applications



  • Cloud deployment to gain flexible computing, storage, network and application service resources
  • Integral resources and united management ensure excellent Return-On-Investment
  • A complete elementary education cloud solution can provide a variety of e-learning services tailored to meet real demands
  • With the protection of intellectual property right, the solution helps  China to develop our own education cloud platform