Healthcare Cloud




With the fast development of IT, more and more domestic medical institutions are accelerating the IT platform construction to improve the service and core competitiveness. Meanwhile, to meet the increasing healthcare demand, medical institutions are also promoting the informatization of medical service.



Intple Health Cloud is based on AppOne and EngineOne, covers all hospitals and community clinics, pushes forward cross-region medical treatment, and builds up medical joint system. It establishes electronic health files for the residents covering basic personal information and medical treatment records, and build core medical information management system, start out remote video diagnosis, remote medical consultation services. What’s more, a web portal will be set up to provide online health consultation, healthcare knowledge sharing and personal health files review etc.



Adapt to medical system department requirement and organization scale 
Sharing of information and data with open architecture
Reducing conventional IT infrastructure investment and maintenance cost by the use of cloud and thin-client
Support Remote Access and Interactive activities between doctor and patient
Powerful data security and information protection



Realtime medical data collecting, information sharing and resource integration
Massive medical data mining and analysis
Intelligent medical process
Automatic medical data recording 
Better hospitalizing experience, efficient healthcare service system covering "family-community-hospital"
Significant cost reduction of IT investment