Traffic Cloud


Traffic Cloud



With speed-up of urbanization and fast development of social economy, the number of motor vehicles increases sharply. Traffic jam, has been serious problem of the modern cities. Traditional traffic management information system cannot meet current complex traffic demand, and it becomes the bottleneck on further development of social economy.



Intelligent Traffic system is an important way to improve current traffic situation, it should have the capability of real-time data collecting and massive data processing etc.
Intple Intelligent Traffic Cloud Solution, which is based on Cloud Application Platform AppOne, Cloud Management Platform MasterOne and Cloud Operating System EngineOne, meets the requirement of processing big data in real time in intelligent traffic system.



Real time and intelligent monitoring, massive data processing
Dynamic leverage of application load, compatible and extensible
Intelligent processing and prompt publishing of traffic information
Data integration and sharing
High availability, high stability



Massive data processing and realtime analysis
All network, 24-hour covering
Dynamic monitoring, intelligent navigation
Traffic jam detection and alerting
Cross-region information sharing and resource integration
Significant cost reduction of IT investment