Logistics Cloud


Logistics Cloud



Traditional logistics software products need enterprises to purchase a large number of hardware and software, and establish & train IT operation maintenance team. This will experience a high investment and long period process, and meanwhile the later maintenance costs and operation risk are also very high, which further limits the level of the enterprise information management to increase.



INTPLE cloud computing platform can help the logistics information platform supplier build a comprehensive Internet platform, provide a unified "window service ", support the computing and storage resources required by its business applications, implement applications in the cloud the relationship between information, auditing, advanced analysis & calculation and display, and even the interaction based on commercial interoperability standards. Allows the user to lower cost, more flexible way to get high quality, efficient and timely logistics information services.


  • E-commerce business model combines the technology of cloud computing to make all aspects of supply chain information in the cloud convergence, interactive, and unified with a real-time way.
  • Build up "the world's most competitive logistics supply chain "; enhance the customer’s ability to redefine the rules in its core areas of business
  • Allows the user to lower cost, more flexible way to get high quality, efficient, and intelligent information services.



  • Pay-cloud computing model. Users do not need IT investments.
  • The flexible expansion of cloud computing provide the best information security for the rapid increase of business transactions.
  • Logistics related applications seamlessly integrated with interoperability in platform.
  • A powerful one-stop solution for user to well experience.
  • Program integrates the wisdom of logistics industry experts, clearly targeted.
  • Help the building industry to apply the cloud environment standards
  • Cooperate with logistics vertical industry-leading vendors and take the market leading position.