Public Opinion Cloud


Public Opinion Cloud



Due to the information explosion, the government and enterprises are facing enormous challenges:

  • How to access network information timely, especially negative information?
  • How to timely collect and measure public opinions over hot society issues?
  • How to set up a bridge connected with netizens?
  • Whether the Brand and Product image is positive on Internet?
  • What is the difference on network attention and product reputation comparing with competitors?
  • What is the major public opinion and the industry status?



An intelligent system “BizNews” is built on the AppOne and EngineOne, which collects the most realistic feedback from mainstream media, community, forum users etc., serves government or enterprises with quantitative statistics and analysis about public opinion on current events, drives for decision or policy making.


  • Public Opinion guiding
  • PR alerting service
  • Marketing effectiveness tracking
  • User product  feedback
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Industry news gathering



  • Timeliness: Distributed crawl, Smart incremental crawl, Keywords expression filter
  • Comprehensive: Multi-language and multi-encoding, Acquisition after authentication, Flexible scheduling, Historical snapshot and multiple versions retained by the web
  • Accuracy: Accurate full-text search, Automatic classification of multi-dimensional, Powerful automatic summary, Automatic de-emphasis to information, Fast and accurate text extraction
  • Practical: Industry repository, Similarity retrieval, View of comprehensive report, Standard system interface, Flexible deployment(Exclusive deployment or SaaS multi-tenant deployment)



  • Cloud computing greatly improves the timeliness, comprehensiveness of Public opinion analysis with expandable and flexible nature
  • Parallel, high-end data mining technology has greatly enhanced the accuracy of the analysis
  • Cloud deployment can use common hardware devices, achieve partial implementation and reduce the hardware investment
  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of indicators through professional, objective monitoring and analysis
  • Accurately quantify the ROI of marketing activities
  • Optimal cost