SME Cloud


SME Cloud



At present, local governments are actively building their own high-tech park with unique characteristics to drive the local economic development. During the park construction, it's expected not only to increase the hardware infrastructure investment, but also to create the service-oriented "soft environment".

Facing the new competing market, by means of introducing the cloud computing technology and realizing innovation of service and business model, the park with their own characteristics can provide SMEs with abundant enterprise and industry cloud services, so that customers can obtain plenty of on demand IT SW and HW resources with low cost and high performance, which will greatly enhance the Park's competitiveness and attractiveness.



To meet the demand of high-tech parks, Intple provides SMEs with enterprise cloud solutions based on its own core cloud computing products (cloud application platform AppOne and cloud management platform MasterOne).

AppOne----Modular, Pluggable, Open Architecture platform tuned for application development, Cross-industry and intelligent information platform

MasterOne-----An open platform that provides One-stop Billing-as-a-Service, with efficient monitioring and management capability



Offering cross-industry, intelligent, comprehensive IT infrastructure
Including abundant Operation Management and high-end applications
Modular, Pluggable, Open Architecture tuned for application development
Multiple billing types and modes
Real-time monitoring, intelligent management



Promotion of competitive power for hi-tech parks 
Low carbon and environment protecting, on-demand IT service
Appropriate for various service billing requirements
Intelligent Management with real-time monitoring
Significant cost reduction of IT investment