Security Cloud


Security Cloud



In recent years, all kinds of security and monitoring products are extensively applied in banks, power equipments, government agencies, schools, communities etc. Traditional technology cannot handle massive data effectively, management of massive video files and intelligent analysis have become an urgent market demand.



Intple Security Cloud Solution is based on Cloud Application Platform AppOne, Cloud Management Platform MasterOne and Cloud Operating System EngineOne. It can manage video monitoring system on a large scale, real-time process and intelligently analyze video stream and video files, tremendously promote the security monitoring effect.



Cross terminal, cross content
Adaptive to all kinds of network
Intelligent video processing algorithm
Resource integration and sharing
Capable of extending to video searching, intelligent city domain etc



Massive data searching, storage and management
Real-time data analyzing, processing and responsing
Access and interact from diverse terminals
Intelligent video analysis
Significant cost reduction on IT investment