Content Management Cloud


Cloud Content Management


Secure, Efficient, Intelligent and Convenient Platform for Cloud Data Management



FireBox - Cloud Content Management Platform, with functions of powerful intelligent search, content management, permission management, rich media management, data synchronization and backup, cross-platform support and one-stop operation, can provide safe, efficient and convenient cloud data storage and management services, which can meet the needs of data sharing, document management and collaborative work of both enterprise-level users and high-end business users everywhere and all the time.




  • Advanced Intelligent Search

Advanced search

Tag search

Simple search

  • Powerful Rich Media Management

Multimedia online play

Classification and organization of mass media resources

Metadata-based search

  • One-Stop Content Operation

Documentation online preview

Documentation online edit

Online format conversion

  • Perfect Permission Management

Ranked authorization management

Shared Document Management

User Authority Management

  • Visualization Lifecycle Management

2D timeline of file and user

History version record

History version recovery

History version download

Traceable file operations

  • Cross-Platform Support

Support Windows, Android /iOS, regardless of data loss, disk failures or theft

Mobile office, access and share files anywhere and anytime

  • Data Synchronization and Backup

Individual and shared directory synchronization management

Broken-point continuingly-transferring

Cross-platform data synchronization

Large file support and file batch transmission

Automatic backup

  • Seamlessly Integration with Security Module

File Security Control

Document content of the encryption

Data leak protection

Dual-factor authentication



  • Security

Perfect authorization management, multiple anti-leak protection mechanism of data, powerful version control, automatic data synchronization and backup, which provide powerful security assurance

  • High Efficiency

Support large file and batch file transmission, multi-point simultaneous transmission, broken-point continuingly-transferring, which provide efficient data stream

  • Convenience

Intelligent search, one-stop operation, support documents online browsing, editing and format conversion, which provide convenient file management

  • Collaborative

Cross-platform support, shared files discussion multidimensional permission management based on users and files, which is convenient for team collaboration

  • Big Data Processing

Support massive data processing for operation and flexible expansion of data for multi-tenant.