E-Business Cloud


E-Business Cloud



The in-depth integration of E-Commerce and traditional industries changes the way of how enterprises operate today. With the explosive growth of customers and business scale, current electronic commerce platform can hardly catch up with this rocket. The E-Commerce enterprises are eager to find a solution which can handle the tremendous business scale (big data) and can meet the requirements of fast business growth and dynamic expansion.



Based on “MasterOne”, the Cloud Management Platform, Intple provides the solution of E-Commerce Cloud to E-Commerce enterprises, helps them construct one-stop electronic commerce cloud platform. The unified window service covers the whole business process, such as Sales & Marketing, Account Management, Product Management, Subscription Management, Invoice Management and Payment Management as well as a standard API set to integrate with other business systems.

Besides the Business Support System, Cloud Management Platform MasterOne also provides the Operation Support System, which assures the healthy operation of E-Commerce cloud with effective monitoring and automatic controlling capabilities.


  • Ability to handle massive billing data, meet carrier-grade requirement
  • Workflow engine Integrated, flexible business flow customization
  • Multi-tenant
  • Modular, Pluggable, and capable of flexible expansion
  • Suitable for all kinds of E-Commerce enterprises


  • One-Stop solution, improve company operation efficiency
  • Flexible combinations of different billing types, rich reports of business data statistics and analysis
  • Billing by usage, Billing as a Service
  • Full business process management
  • Flexible customization
  • Notable Cost reduction of IT investment